PhD Transition Fellowship

Barriers to innovation in the context of academia and research institutions include the lack of transferable entrepreneurship training, lack of commercial practice experience for PhD students and, most importantly, funding to enable the translation of ideas and innovative discoveries into commercial programs and ultimately into new products and services. The aim of the PhD Transition Fellowship Programs is to bridge the funding gap between the completion of the PhD and the acquisition of further start-up funding. The target group is applicants who are usually in their final year of submitting their doctoral thesis and are thus close to completing their dissertation. The most innovative proposals will be selected through pitches, and the host departments of the respective DPhil/PhD candidates will receive a pre-seed award to fund accelerated development of potentially commercially viable research by the applicants in their first postdoctoral year. The funds are not intended for the continuation of doctoral programs or academic postdoctoral funding, but to pave the way for translation into the health market. Up to 20,000 euros will be paid out to the winner who will be further supported and accompanied by us and our strong network.

You can access the full call for application here:

Contact person


Sebastian Meuer

Project Manager
(+49) 15774004385
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