Go-To-Market Academy

The Go-To-Market Academy is a seminar series focusing on stepstones for medtech start-ups on their way into the market. It is composed of several modules, addressing topics ranging from basic regulatory affairs to reimbursement strategies. All seminars are free of charge facilitating a low barrier access for early-stage start-ups, health care entrepreneurs and health care professionals with business ideas. The aim is to provide key knowledge that is relevant to all start-up and founders in the field of medical technology and digital health. As health care markets are highly regulated, it is inevitable to bear in mind necessary processes and requirements as early as possible in the development phase. Participants of the Go-to-Market Academy will receive a solid overview on legal requirements of the European/ US market, the generation of clinical evidence and the German reimbursement system. Another modul will focus on the topic of DiGAs/ medical apps. Further contents will be announced throughout the year. You can sign up for the following seminars:

  1. Medical Technology: Regulatory Affairs Workshop
  2. From the idea to the successful medical device: learnings & best-practice
  3. Medical Technology: Clinical Development
  4. Medical Technoloogy: Market Access Workshop –
  5. Digital Heath Reimbursement: Digital Health Applications in Germany

You can find an overview of the content of the modules here and register free of charge:

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Sebastian Meuer

Project Manager
(+49) 15774004385
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